3 Basic Plumbing Skills Everyone Should Know

There are a few basic plumbing skills that everyone should know. Not only will they save you stress and money, but they can also help to prevent irreparable damage to your home in the event of a plumbing emergency. While there are some plumbing jobs that should only be addressed by a professional experienced in plumbing in Phoenixville, PA, knowing these three plumbing skills can make life easier.

  • How to stop a running toilet. An overflowing toilet can spell disaster for your floors and the ceiling below it. To stop a toilet from continuing to fill with water past the bowl, look for the shut-off valve to cut the water. It should be located on the pipe near the floor. Twist the valve to stop the bowl from filling and to save your home from water damage!
  • Clear a clogged drain. Light clogs can usually be cleared in a few hours with the use of Drano or another drain-clearing remedy. For a more natural solution, you can pour baking soda, a cup of white vinegar, and boiling water down the drain as well. For deeper clogs, professional drain cleaning in Phoenixville, PA, may be required—especially if there is sitting water in your tub or sink.
  • Unclog a toilet. Clogged toilets happen frequently, so knowing how to fix them can save you hundreds. Mastering the use of a plunger can take time, so remember to have plenty of towels handy in case of overflowing water. Plunging a toilet can also take time, so don’t be alarmed if it takes you a few flushes before the fix is finalized!

Bigger plumbing jobs should always be completed by a professional to prevent damage to your pipes or your home. If you find yourself with toilet troubles or other plumbing problems, give Drainmen Plumbing a call today at 484-685-3336!