3 Plumbing Tips to Consider for the Upcoming Fall Season

Having plumbing issues? Then it might be time to contact Drainmen Plumbing. Nobody likes to have a plumbing issue spring up out of nowhere, but unfortunately, this is often how it happens. That’s why the crew at Drainmen Plumbing likes to keep a few quick tips at the ready for those unexpected scenarios. These top three plumbing tips for the upcoming fall season are intended to keep your home as comfortable as possible.

1. Clean up.

One of the simplest ways to keep the plumbing efficient in your home is by cleaning up the potential trouble zones. It’s important to gauge how much leaf clean-up you might need to do when the cooler months roll in. What many people don’t realize is that falling leaves often accumulate in hollows throughout your yard. You’ll find them in the basement window wells, inside the gutters, and inside eaves. Cleaning up in these areas ensures that you don’t end up with a blockage in the drainage system which can eventually clog your plumbing. Get that rake ready — and have some fun while you’re at it.

2. Secure drain covers.

There are a variety of drain covers available for keeping leaves and dirt out of your drains. It’s a good idea to get them secured before the weather gets too cool. If you’re in need of plumbing in Douglassville, PA, then Drainmen Plumbing can help you get your covers secured for the fall. Take it from us: getting drain covers will prevent plumbing problems creeping up in your sink. If you don’t want to purchase drain covers, an inexpensive solution is to purchase mesh to cover your drain, and weigh it down with heavy rocks from your garden. Anything that will keep the leaves and the dirt from entering your plumbing system will do the trick.

3. Hire an inspector.

While not everyone thinks of this tip right away, it is nevertheless a good one. You can schedule an inspection as soon as fall hits and let a professional have a first-hand look at your drains and your plumbing. An inspector will not only check for any leaking pipes, but he or she will also check your hot water heater.

If you need to find someone to handle your plumbing in Gilbertsville, PA, then Drainmen Plumbing has got you covered.