3 Reasons Why Landlords Should Always Respond to Maintenance Requests ASAP

No matter how new your rental property is or how many upgrades you’ve made, you’ll inevitably have to deal with maintenance requests from your tenants from time to time. Responding to these requests in a timely manner is crucial to maintaining both a positive relationship with your tenants and the integrity of your property. Three reasons to offer a timely response to your tenants’ maintenance requests include:

  • Less damage to your space. If you are a landlord, you want to keep your rental properties in the best shape possible. Utilities that require repair can actually cause more damage to your space the longer they are left unchecked, so getting repair quickly is essential.
  • A better relationship with your tenants. The relationship between the tenant and landlord should be one of mutual respect. Tenants respect their landlord by treating his or her space with care, and the landlord respects the tenants by providing a safe and healthy place to live. Putting off that call for water heater repair in Pottstown, PA, can sour your relationship with your tenants which can lead you to see your rent checks coming in later or a few more scuffs and scratches on your floor.
  • An operation that’s within the law. As a landlord, you are required to provide maintenance and repair services in a timely manner and to maintain a space that’s livable for your tenants. Putting off fixing that water heater or unclogging that toilet can leave your tenants with legal leeway to violate the lease because you are not holding up your end of the bargain.

The best way to maintain a great rental property is to fix small problems before they become major disasters. Drainmen Plumbing, an emergency plumbing repair service in Pottstown, PA, is available 24/7 for every issue that your tenants may run into. Be sure to keep our number, 484-685-3336, on file—so we can correct your plumbing and heating issues before your home or rental property is damaged beyond repair!