3 Signs There May Be Something Wrong With Your Water Heater

Many people have no idea that something might be wrong with their water heater.  In fact, most people don’t even look for signs that their water heater is failing, but at Drainmen Plumbing, we suggest checking for these three signs that your water heater might be on its last leg.  If you discover any of these indicators on your particular water heater, it’s best to give us a call and find out how we can be of service.  Avoid the disruption and cost of a broken water heater by looking out for these signs.

  1. Water around the water heater

One of the first signs that your water heater is failing is if you find water around the water heater.  If you see any moisture around it, this could indicate either a tank fracture or a leak.  Water might leak from the tank because when the metal heats, it expands.  When the metal cools off, the inner water tank will also stop leaking.  It’s important to check for other leaks in the fittings and tank connections, as well.


  1. Rusty water

Another sign that your water heater might be failing is rusty water.  If you see rusty water coming from your heater, this can indicate that your water heater is having problems.  At Drainmen Plumbing, we can help address issues like rusty water if you suspect your water heater is struggling.  If you do require water heater repair in Phoenixville, PA, the team at Drainmen Plumbing is ready to be of service.  Our licensed plumbers provide full-service solutions to customers who need repairs quickly.  We also offer emergency twenty-four-hour service at no additional cost!

  1. Noise

If you start hearing rumbling and noise come from your water heater, then chances are you’ve got some problems.  As water heaters get older, sediment tends to build up on the bottom layer of the water tank.  Because the sediment continuously gets heated and then cooled, it eventually hardens and causes all kinds of noises inside the water tank.  If you find that you require emergency water heater repair in Phoenixville, PA, the team at Drainmen Plumbing is ready to help you out as quickly as possible.

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