3 Strategies to Keep Your Toddler Out of Your Toilet

When you use the restroom in your home, you probably see your toilet as little more than a receptacle for waste. However, for a toddler, a toilet can seem like a magical and alluring pool that’s just their size. Though it might sound like a hilarious and ridiculous problem at first glance, you should never let your toddler play or splash in your toilet. Young children may be putting themselves at risk for disease if bacteria from waste hangs around in the toilet bowl, and some toddlers may even try to flush their toys and cause a flood, leading to a late-night call to your 24/7 plumber in King of Prussia, PA.

If your toddler can’t seem to resist the siren song of playing in the toilet, try implementing one or more of these strategies to keep them out of the bathroom until it’s time for potty training.

  • Offer another source of water fun. Children like to play in toilets because they provide a fun swirling source of water that they can reach. If the weather is good, consider allowing your toddler to play in a kiddie pool or with your home’s hose under supervision. Most kids would much rather play in a pool than bend over into the toilet.
  • Put a blanket over the top of your bathroom door. After you’ve finished using the restroom, grab a flannel or fleece blanket and drape it over the top of the door. This makes it more difficult for your toddler to open the door and access the toilet.
  • Consider installing a toilet clip or lock. Toilet locks and clips are sold at most major retailers and easily stick to the side of your toilet. The clip works by forcing the lid down but can be easily unclipped with the dexterity of adult fingers. Check your local hardware store or an online all-purpose retailer like or Target to view all of your options.

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