5 Benefits of Taking a Colder Shower in the Morning

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy a steaming hot shower in the morning—especially during the freezing cold winter season. But did you know that “colder” showers are better for your health? Some of the health benefits of cold showers include:

  • Less dry skin. Hot water has the tendency to dry out the skin by cutting through the natural oils your skin produces to keep it hydrated. Showering in cold water has been found to be more effective at temporarily “locking in” essential skin oils and thus decreasing dry skin.
  • Improved circulation. Cold showers can improve circulation by opening the arteries and helping to pump blood more effectively. According to Peak Fitness’s Dr. Mercola, increased circulation can also help improve overall heart health.
  • Increased alertness. Hopping into a cold shower is certainly a shock—but that “shocking” sensation can help you more effectively stay awake for hours afterwards. If a cup of coffee leaves you yawning in the morning, a cold shower may be able to do the job more effectively.
  • More effective muscle recovery. Elite athletes have long used post-workout “ice baths” to help speed muscle recovery, but you don’t need to be Michael Phelps or Serena Williams to take advantage of this pro tip. One 2009 study found that 24-minute long cold baths helped athletes recover more quickly after a challenging workout when compared to a warm or hot bath.
  • Glossier hair. Who doesn’t want better hair? Cold water flattens hair follicles and allows them to grab the scalp more effectively, resulting in shinier hair.

Taking a cold shower in the morning may be beneficial for your health—but you probably only want to take them on your own terms. If you’re having trouble getting warm water in your home, you may need water heater repair in Phoenixville, PA. If you’re sick of taking cold showers, give Drainmen Plumbing a call at 484-685-3336—we provide emergency water heater repair in King of Prussia, PA at no additional charge to you!