5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Sewer Lines Clean and Clear

Many homeowners are too busy with work and other home repairs to worry about their sewer lines, as well. Unfortunately, because of this neglect, many homeowners end up with backed sewer lines that cause all kinds of problems in their homes. At Drainmen Plumbing, we understand that the average homeowner is too busy to add another task to the home maintenance list, but clear sewer lines are important, so we’ve created our top five tips to keep your sewer lines clean and clear.

  1. Handle grease immediately

It’s always a bad idea to pour cooking oil or grease down your drain. One of the main reasons for clogged sewer lines is grease. As a general rule, you should pour unused grease into a container to prevent it from ending up down your drain. It’s not even safe to pour grease down your drain with hot water. Over time, the grease hardens inside the drain, causing massive clogs. If you are doing research now and looking for trustworthy sewer contractors close to Phoenixville, PA, put Drainmen Plumbing at the top of your list. We help homeowners deal with all kinds of sewer-related issues, and we offer our services at affordable rates.

  1. Check your lines for roots

It’s important to make sure that your sewer lines are not getting clogged with plant roots. If your home has shrubs or trees on the property, there’s a chance that they might interfere with your sewer lines if they are planted too close to each other. Plant root issues are a common reason for calls to plumbers, and at Drainmen Plumbing, we can help you handle these issues if necessary.

  1. Use an enzymatic cleaner in your sewer lines

One of the best preventative measures for keeping your sewer lines clear is by using enzymatic cleaners once a month. Enzymatic cleaners are non-toxic and will not damage your sewer lines.  In fact, enzymatic cleaners are actually beneficial to sewer lines due to their ability to prevent expensive repairs. Enzymatic cleaners are available at hardware stores, online, and at health food stores.

  1. Be mindful about what goes down your drains

It’s good practice to be careful with whatever you put down your drain and with whatever you flush down your toilet. As a general rule, keep paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and diapers out of your toilet. Many paper products get stuck in root systems and then cause even more damage to blocked sewer lines. Those looking for sewer contractors that serve Gilbertsville, PA can trust Drainmen Plumbing for a wide range of plumbing-related services.

  1. Have new sewer lines installed

If your sewer lines are old, then replacing them is necessary. Replacing your sewer lines with plastic piping will help prevent to repair of flooding that often results from blocked sewer lines.  At Drainmen Plumbing, we take pride in offering viable solutions for our customers’ plumbing needs. By keeping up with these tips, you’re guaranteed a sewer line that is both clean and clear.