5 “Tricks” That Scare Your Plumber

It’s almost time for Halloween! While children may be afraid of ghosts and goblins, your plumber has his or her own set of fears. In fact, take care to avoid introducing these plumbing terrors to your home this October!

  • A drain that’s stuffed with chemicals. Professional plumbers know that chemical cleaners like Drano are rarely strong enough to clear anything but the weakest of drain clogs. These chemicals are also very harsh on your pipes and can leave you with future plumbing problems. If you have a drain that won’t clear, call for professional drain cleaning in Collegeville, PA, instead of reaching for the chemicals.
  • Nonprofessional repairs. Would you try to set your own broken leg, or would you go to a doctor? If you aren’t a plumber, don’t try to handle plumbing problems yourself. Amateur repairs can actually cause more expensive plumbing issues.
  • A toilet that’s being used as a trash can. You should never flush anything down your toilet that is not water, toilet paper, or human waste. Feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, and cotton balls can get caught in your pipes and leave you with a seriously scary clog.
  • Garbage disposal abuse. Your garbage disposal is not a catch-all for kitchen waste. Grease, stringy vegetables, and bones can cause the gears in your garbage disposal to clog up.
  • A water heater that’s never been replaced. Nothing lasts forever—not even your water heater. The average water heater can be expected to work for 8 to 12 years. If you’ve been relying on a water heater that’s old enough to be attending college, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in need of emergency water heater repair in King of Prussia, PA, this season.

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