Five Reasons Why You Need to Call a Plumber

Plumbing is a huge investment that can last years. Don’t try and make a problem worse by attempting to repair a couple pipes. The potential of faulty handywork isn’t worth the amount of money you think you’ll save.

That’s why you need to hire a professional!

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Here are five signs you need to hire a plumber.

No Hot Water – We depend on our water heater every day and undervalue its importance. That is until we step into the shower in the morning and don’t have any hot water! The lack of heat can usually be traced back to a broken down heating element or thermostat issue.

Water Heater Sweating – If you notice your water heater is sweating, it’s a sign that you might have a leak. Those leaks are due to cracks in the piping or casing and could lead to more major issue if the problem isn’t taken care of. Other signs to look for include rusty spots, corrosion or a large pool of water in the drip pan or nearby.

Clogs – Are your drains not draining? Whether it’s from your bathtub, shower, toilet or faucet, a clog can be taken care of on your own with a plunger, but if the clog remains prevalent following the handy work, then it’s time to call the plumber.

Overflowing Toilet – If your toilet overflows immediately after you flush, that means there’s a blockage, but one that can be fixed with a plunger. If the problem persists, however, that’s when you need to give a plumber a ring.

Wet Spots In The Yard – If you see puddles in your yard, it might stem from a leak from the sewer or main line. If you find that it smells, it’s most likely the sewer lid.

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