Why You Need Drainmen Jetting Service

Nothing can ruin your day like an unexpected clogged drain. It always happens at the worst times. You’re getting ready for work in the morning, but your shower water won’t get hot. You’re cooking for your family, but your kitchen sink is clogged. Maybe you just have a strange, unwelcome stench coming from the buildup of hair, grease, etc. Who knows what germs are living deep down in your pipes? What do you do? You call Drainmen Plumbing for their round-the-clock, emergency services and outstanding plumbing in Phoenixville, PA.


If you want to avoid having similar issues and want to take a preemptive strike, we highly suggest our hydro-jetting process. It utilizes a high-pressure water stream to clear away any debris or build up obstructing your lines. Water jetting is one of the most effective, environmentally safe techniques available to clean pipes. Here’s why you need Drainmen Plumbing to get this done to have the best plumbing in Collegeville, PA.

  • Completely Cleans – Cable machines punch through blockages without clearing the line thoroughly. Our hydro-jetting will clear out all buildup and debris.
  • Powerful – At up to 5,000 psi at 10 GPM (really fast and really strong), our water jets can cut through pine in under a minute. It will also cut and lean out roots, sludge, hair, and even grease.
  • Cost Effective – By completely cleaning out the drain lines, this process will keep the drain lines running smoothly to prevent even bigger (more expensive) problems from arising in the future.
  • See For Yourself – No reason for guessing games. Send in the camera to get a good look at exactly what the problem is so it can be dealt with accordingly. Take a look afterward as well to prove we met your expectations. With the rotation on our jets, there are no leftover streaks.
  • Environmentally Safe – There is no need for harsh chemicals or substances to dissolve debris with our jets. Not only can those materials damage pipes and other equipment, but they can damage our skin and bodies.

This is just one of the top of the line services we offer. To book your water-jetting call now at 484-685-3336. To learn more about our other services, head to our website at