Three Common Summer Plumbing Issues and How Drainmen Plumbing Can Help

The summer can be an especially tough time of year on our plumbing. More water usage (in the garden, bathroom, or even kitchen) can mean more opportunities for your plumbing to get damaged. Thankfully, both regular plumbing maintenance and emergency plumbing repair at your King of Prussia, PA home can keep your home safe and running right this summer season.

In fact, some of the three most common summer plumbing problems include, but are not limited to:

  • Clogged garbage disposal. Many homeowners believe that their garbage disposals are trash cans and that they can throw things like coffee grinds, bones, cooking oils, and garbage into the disposal. This can be especially true during the cookout season when garbage cans can reach capacity much more quickly. However, the garbage disposal should only be used for soft, compostable garbage because sending other materials down it can cause stubborn, deep clogs. Try to limit your use of the garbage disposal, and if you notice a clog, call a professional to clear the line.
  • Sprinkler damage. If you have automatic sprinklers installed in your lawn, a common issue many homeowners see in the summertime is backups in their water pipes or damage to the sprinklers caused by weed whackers or lawn mowers. If you find your sprinklers damaged, a professional plumber can help you to determine the cause of the damage and repair the issue, keeping your lawn hydrated and looking green.
  • Clogged toilets. If you have children in your home, clogged toilets can quickly become any parent’s worst nightmare. Children tend to use a large amount of toilet paper, and may even try to flush garbage, leading to a higher rate of clogs when they’re home for the summer. If you find your toilet overflowing or severely clogged, a 24-hour emergency plumber in Pottstown, PA (like us) can help you to fix the issue, no matter what the hour.

To have all of your plumbing problems fixed, please give us a call or fill out a contact form.