Three Cookout Clogs You Might See in Your Toilet This Summer

Summer is the season for barbequing! While everyone loves to gather around the grill for a cookout when the weather gets hot, most people don’t love the cleanup that comes after. This is especially true if your gathering of family and friends has left a clog in the plumbing system at your home in Douglassville, PA! During the cookout season, many homeowners see more clogs in their toilets due to improper disposal. Read on to learn about three things you may be tempted to flush this summer, but you should avoid at all costs.


  • Paper towels. You can toss toilet paper in the toilet, so why not napkins or paper towels? Unfortunately, toilet paper is specially formulated to dissolve when placed in water, which is why it does not generally clog your toilet. Paper towels, napkins, and other barbeque paper products are designed to be durable and maintain their integrity when soaked, meaning that they won’t go down as easily as toilet paper.
  • Grease or cooking oil. This is a problem seen most often in the kitchen, but we’ve also seen people try to dissolve grease in the toilet as well. You should never pour grease or oil down any drain in your home; while these materials might look like liquids when hot, they have a tendency to congeal and become rubber-like when chilled. This can lead to a gummy clog that requires expert assistance. Avoid at all cost!
  • Chicken bones or ribs. Your toilet can only handle removal of very small amounts of soft material. Disposing of ribs, bones, or any other kind of food waste is a recipe for a clog.


Someone toss something down the toilet they shouldn’t have in your home? No worries! Whether you’re in need of plumbing, water heater repair in King of Prussia, PA, or anything in between, Drainmen Plumbing is ready to help with 24/7 emergency service. Give us a call at 484-685-3336.