Top 4 Signs of Frozen Pipes

Freezing pipes are a dreaded issue that many homeowners face as soon as the temperatures dip.  Yet as a homeowner, you don’t need to fear the coming of winter because with a few helpful tips from Drainmen Plumbing, you can be ready for signs that your pipes might be frozen. Our licensed and experienced plumbers set the bar when it comes to residential and commercial plumbing care. Whether your home needs sewer line work or whether your home needs plumbing care, our team can assist. This winter, don’t let frozen pipes get you down. Be watchful for any of the following signs.

  1. Water in unexpected places

If you notice any flooding in your home, especially when it hasn’t rained, this can be the sign of a serious problem. Other indicators might include damp walls or damp ceilings. You might even notice sinkholes or unexplained puddles inside your home. As the winter approaches, it’s important to look out for any of these signs that might indicate you have frozen pipes somewhere in your home.

  1. Strange smells or odd noises

It’s recommended that you call a professional plumbing team anytime you smell anything peculiar near your sewer system. Sewer lines should never have strange smells and if they do, this indicates a potential issue, such as a backup, with your sewer line. Along the same line, strange noises are also a red flag. Gurgling pipes can indicate a blockage or a freeze, as well.

  1. Frost

If you happen to notice signs of frost on your pipes, you might want to give the professionals a call. Frost is a guarantee that your pipes are frozen. Check under your sink and down your basement. If you need sewer contractors in Phoenixville, PA, reach out to Drainmen Plumbing.  Their professional crew is always ready to offer plumbing services to a residential homeowner who needs assistance.

  1. No water

At some point, we’ve all turned on a faucet and watched with curiosity as the water failed to come out. If this happens to you, then it’s most likely that you’ve got frozen pipes. For this kind of issue, you’ll need sewer contractors in Collegeville, PA to help.  If you get at least a small trickle, then chances are the pipes leading to your main sewer line are frozen or otherwise affected.